do you want to spend the bulk of your time, energy, and effort playing 21 questions… or closing sales and getting paid thousands day after day?

It’s really simple. Either you’re going to allow people to force you into live presentations that will quickly eat up your entire day and leave you very little time to do much else… (while you’re losing sales you could have made with serious, pre-sold prospects putting thousands in your pocket) or, you’re going to make the smart decision to use our already tested, proven, high converting web pages to do all the selling, telling, and explaining for you so you don’t have to while having the time of your life banking serious cash!


You can ignore our proven system strategies which include how to properly present this offer to deliver pre-sold eager prospects ready to wire you thousands daily…or you can simply duplicate what we already know works and work smarter instead of harder.


Closing the sale can either be easy and simple… or,  you can ignore our proven strategies and do things your way which will require you to do forced live presentations and waste a ton of time, energy, and effort with only a ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘maybe’, or ‘let me think about it’ at the end… which will get old very quickly. The smarter way to do it is to use our high-converting web pages to deliver pre-sold prospects to you after they have already got the presentation and are ready to buy!


The smart move is to get our high-converting web pages and duplicate a proven system that works very well. Then you will be duplicating and scaling up the smart way. Our way helps you enjoy more sales, bigger sales, and more time freedom.

You got started with our proven system to make serious money. Don’t overlook a VERY important part of the equation.

Skip this part and it can literally cost you tons of money that could have otherwise been yours. When you make the smart decision today, you can be connecting with pre-sold prospects in the next 24 hours.


how & why they work

Discover the persuasive sales psychology that converts prospects in to buyers…

This video is about the opportunity page…

The opportunity page pre-sells prospects who are open and interested in making money reselling the lead packages.

This video is about the retail page…

The retail page pre-sells prospects who are open and interested in pitching their offer to the leads.

This flow chart explains how traffic will be directed. Click the chart image to make it larger. Hover on the page images to the right to see a snapshot of each page.

with or without

Important realities to consider…


With Site


Without Site


The high converting web pages do all the selling, telling, and explaining so you don’t have to. Prospects review your website and contact you pre-sold, ready to buy!


Because you aren’t having to do live presentations you can enjoy more flexible time freedom.


Instead of eating up your day with fewer live presentations, you can spend your time talking with many more pre-sold prospects and maximizing your ability to earn. You spend your valuable time closing instead of wasting your day on yes, no, or maybe.


The web pages make it super simple to drive targeted traffic from a variety of sources to keep your pipeline full.


Prospects expect you to have a website they can review should they wish to do so at their leisure. It makes you look like a marketing superstar and a true professional.

Live Presentations

You will have to do a live presentation with every prospect, every time. to explain how everything works, etc.

Time Stealer

Because you have to do every presentation live you will need to set aside an average of 30 – 60 minutes with each prospect presenting the opportunity, retail options, price points, product questions… 21 questions basically.

Limited Income Window

Live presentations each take time leaving you with a limited window of availability to close sales. The fewer number of prospects you speak with in  day the less money you will be able to make.

Limited Marketing Ability

You only have so many hours in the day. Without a website you don’t have anywhere to send the traffic to.

Lost Sales

Not having a website will be held against you by many prospects. Without it you won’t have anywhere to send prospects to should they ask for one. This will cause them pause and far less interested in your offer.


What ALL prospects are thinking and why it matters…


Low ticket offers are pretty much dead. Prospects are open to high ticket offers giving them to ability to position themselves to earn serious money every week. You can’t expect a prospect to send you thousands without you having a professional website they can see, like, and feel confident about. It’s a HUGE part of their decision to get started with you.


Layout and design matters a LOT. Prospects don’t mind spending thousands to get started as long as the website is on point and looks great. It also has to convert.


Prospects want to see that you have a system they can feel confident and comfortable using to easily sell your offer to others. A good system includes a high converting website.


Prospects are looking for something that requires less of them to make it work, not more! They want something that does the selling for them.

If they can’t see themselves doing what you did to close them… they will NEVER say yes to your offer. PERIOD.

Prospects are looking for AUTOMATION and a well-laid out offer with high conversions. They want easy to do and BIG earnings.


What people are saying…

“The website is great. I love working with Britt. He is a professional and knows what he is doing! I love my website! Thank you!”
– James T.

“The website is gorgeous and it saves me so much time. I just send people to my website and touch base after they have seen it. Finally, something that is easy that actually works! Thank you!”
– Jane B.

“The website really helps me so much. People comment on it a lot. I’m confident to send people to view it.”
– Dana E .

“I’m getting great feedback on my new website. It’s awesome! All I do is send a link and call them back. It works!”
– Sidney T.

“I been in many programs. This one is the first to have a high quality site that people sign up after seeing.”
– Terrell J .

“My website is amazing and it works great. Get it and send traffic and you can see for yourself.”
– Mitch R.

“The real difference I saw right away is people are staying on my website much longer. I love not having to do presentations.”
– Susan H.

“I let the other program go I was in after seeing how well this website does. I wish I had found this instead of that one sooner.”
– Christopher C.

“I got the website and in a very short time started getting calls from people saying they saw it. I really love it!”
– Liz F.

frequently asked questions

Still got questions (even after watching the overview video)? Find answers below…

Why is this better than a self replicated website?

Here’s a short list why you never want to use a self replicated website…

1. They are very limited in terms of personal branding.
2. They are penalized by Google and most search engines.
3. They are dull, boring, and lack today’s creative design standards.
4. They are poorly designed.
5. They are lacking good persuasive ad copy.

Here’s why our website is 1000X better…

1. It has the flexibility to include personal branding.
2. It’s much easier to get the pages ranked by the search engines.
3. It was designed with the latest industry design trends and standards.
4. It was designed well to ensure it looks great on all devices and loads quickly.
5. It contains well written, highly persuasive copy and subluminal imaging.

What is included with the website?

The website includes an opportunity sales page and a retail sales page.

How does the personal branding work?

Unlike a self replicated site, your website will be set up on your own hosting account. Any changes, tweaks, and branding that is done will only affect your site. This means we have the flexibility to brand your site, add bonus content, etc. If you are interested in some custom site branding just call Britt to discuss it.

How do I get the cell leads package website?

Get in touch with the person you purchased a cell leads package from and tell them you would like to get the cell leads package website including the opportunity and retail web pages.

How much is the website?

The website license fee is included in the $3,750, $4,500, and $13,500 packages.

The license fee if you got started with the $1,500 option is $750.

How do you recommend I brand my website?

Web pages with personal video enjoy over 90% increased engagement versus web pages without personal video. I highly recommend you send Britt a personal video to dramatically increase your viewer engagement.

Britt will send you a script to use when shooting your video or you can use your own. Just call Britt to discuss it.

Of course your name, contact information, a photo, etc. Pretty much anything you want can be added. Again, just call Britt to discuss it further. He will guide you in the right direction to ensure your site looks amazing and set up for you to win.

What does the website license include?

The website license includes your ability to use the website to promote the cell leads packages. You can not edit the site yourself in any way. You can not modify any part of it and then sell it or include it as part of any package, etc. You do not have ownership or copyright in any way of the layout, design, ad copy, or any other part of the site pages. The site license does not grant you intellectual creative property rights. Britt (the designer) will at all times maintain ownership and intellectual property rights as well as the copyright with all rights reserved.

What do I need to set up the website?

You will need three things…
1. A web hosting account.
2. A domain name.
3. A theme license.

How long will it take to set up the website?

Typically I can have your website up in 24 to 48 hours from the time we get together and secure your domain, hosting, and theme license.

What if I want to have additional pages added?

Sure, it can be arranged. Just call Britt to discuss it.

Are you available to design other custom websites??

Yes. Just call Britt to discuss your needs.

Can I edit the website once it's completed?

No, you can’t edit it yourself. However, Britt offers reasonable rates to update it for you. The site license prohibits you from personally editing the pages.

it’s decision time

The difference between a thought and a decision is ACTION.

Right now there are many from all walks of life who aren’t any smarter than you who are making serious money with our proven leads system. The only difference is they took action by making the smart decision. Now it’s your turn to join us!


Ready to get the web pages or have a question?

Call Britt at 804-897-2274
Mon – Sat 9 am to 9 pm EST

Have you watched the overview video?

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