TRAFFIC onboarding

How to help ensure success with your website traffic.


This is what the proper success sequence flow chart looks like…

ideal website SEQUENCE

This is what your ideal sales funnel should look…

You have five smart ways to consistently send targeted prospects into your sales funnel.

You have six income streams working for you around the clock!

team training access / updates

How to access our team training pages and get updates…

Bookmark the Welcome Page

The Training Portals were designed to help you get up and running quickly and easily. The site address to access them is…

You will need a password for each training page…



Encourage everyone buying from you to schedule their free onboarding session and to review both team training portal pages. The training pages point them back to you to upgrade to the highest package(s).

Review Your Website

Make sure you carefully review all pages of your website completely and thoroughly. You must understand the offer yourself before you can share it with anyone else. Read all of the FAQ sections on each page so you understand how to correctly and confidently answer common questions. Opt in to your own list so you can see how good the email campaign is… so you can carefully study each email… so you can understand the sequence and sales psychology each prospect will see etc.

fast start cd / dvd titles

These titles can help you make tons of money!

Go Through The CD and DVD Titles TWICE

Many have reported picking up MUCH more from the titles by going through them more than once. Some have gone through them as many as seven times!

Watch the Reverse Niche Marketing DVD to discover how to turn every conversation into a sale!

# 1 crm follow up tool

The must-have tool I use daily to rake in thousands consistently.

Optional 4 Hour LIVE Virtual Desktop Training Session

I highly recommend this training session where I personally tweak all settings, show you all options and how to use a tool I helped develop and have been using since 2009 to increase your productivity by over 447%.

The two biggest mistakes people make that prevent them from making serious money online… they are not organized, and they don’t follow up properly. THIS TOOL SOLVES BOTH AND SO MUCH MORE!

When you do the 4-hour training session I will show you how you can easily get the tool for free plus set up a drop-dead simple ongoing monthly residual income at the same time for the life of each customer.

proper voicemail greeting

Your voicemail greeting can either make you thousands or cost you thousands in lost income.

Make sure your voicemail greeting is properly recorded!

This is one of those times where you don’t want to blend in. YOU WANT TO STAND OUT AS A CONFIDENT PROFESSIONAL.

Things to remember…

1. You should sound confident, successful, energetic, passionate, and happy.

2. You should NOT sound like you are reading the script!

3. People are only interested in working with someone whom they perceive is doing better in life than they are and can help them.

4. You should imagine you have $100,000. cash right in front of you when you record your voicemail greeting.

5. Try smiling as you record the script. It will help it come across better.

6. Your voicemail greeting can make or break your sales. Initial impressions are very important. Take the time to do it right!

This is ________. I’m most likely on the other line helping a client to ACCELERATE THEIR business growth using PROVEN STRATEGIES to explode sales and MAXIMIZE return in the shortest time possible. Your call is important… and I look forward to connecting with you. Leave your info… and remember… you can settle for the life you have, or… you can CREATE the life you IMAGINE…

 Traffic particulars

Understanding your traffic package.

What to expect once your traffic starts...

This is one of those times where you don’t want to blend in. YOU WANT TO STAND OUT AS A CONFIDENT PROFESSIONAL.


Your backlinks are hand coded which takes a bit longer than automated methods but can yield much better results.


Your traffic will be sent over a 30 to 90 day period to ensure consistency and best coverage window. Quick traffic slammed at any site is never beneficial in most cases.


It is what it is when it comes to traffic. We can drive traffic but we can’t make anyone buy until they are ready. This is why the 5 year email campaign is vital to your short-term and long-term success. You won’t get swamped with calls. Your site will get consistent daily traffic.


Being prepared to speak with prospects is the key to leveraging this system and maximizing your income with it.


Get these down and you can make thousands weekly!

99% of the time you will be doing...

What we do is not rocket science. We simply follow a time-tested, proven formula for real success.


Correctly direct or redirect prospects to review your website.


The fortune is in the follow-up. Always remember this. The more people you consistently and properly follow up with the more you will earn. You must use the CRM tool our team uses!


Confirm prospects properly reviewed your website by asking a simple qualifying question… “which of the start up options gets you the most excited?”


After confirming prospects have reviewed your website you go into the close. Get an option commitment and step them up if necessary.


Help prospects decide which guaranteed payment option is best for them and show them how to easily pay you! Rinse and repeat often!


How to know you are ready to speak with prospects…

Your prospect checklist for $UCCE$$...

Make sure these things are on point and you are well on your way to making thousands every week!


Confidence comes from knowing you have a great offer and the tools, system, training, and support with excellent value to the consumer. You are proud to share it and represent it.


Knowledge comes from carefully studying your offer and being able to answer any common questions on the fly without the aid of any scripts or notes.


Knowing you have a great offer and showing it confidently and without coming across as cocky or arrogant are two different things. Posture in short is how you carry yourself. Your frame of mind, attitude, disposition, etc.


Being prepared to speak with prospects is the key to leveraging this system and maximizing your income with it. Stay consistent, follow up properly, never give up and you will win!

save $20 to $60 each stop for gas + earn $20 each time you speak with prospects!

Smart marketers look for ways to leverage existing connections.

Free Gas DVD Distributorship

One of my most popular titles reveals over 130 ways to increase your gas mileage and how to easily save an average of $20 to $60 every time you stop for gas! It retails for $20+ shipping. I offer a distributorship for $500 which gets you 50 ready to sell DVDs plus 4 hours of awesome training and a locked in $5 per unit price! You can retail them for $25 and sell them like crazy! I’ll show you! Sell them for $10 initially to get your $500 back or sell them for $20 and quickly double your money!


This is what every mentor should teach but very few do.

The Key To Real Success In EVERYTHING You Will Ever Do Personally And Professionally...

Real success starts and ends with what’s happening in your mind. Your attitude, your mindset. True success is 90% mental and 10% application and action.

Tap into your greatest potential to become empowered for unlimited success. My 52 Volume Subliminal Library can help you break through obstacles and barriers that have been holding you back from everything you deserve. Take back your life NOW!

Subconscious Anxiety Disorder Treatment
Subconscious Attraction Dream Car
Subconscious Attraction Dream Home
Subconscious Be Your Own Boss
Subconscious Business Success
Subconscious Charisma Activator
Subconscious Communicating Skills
Subconscious Concentration Enabler
Subconscious Conversation Starter
Subconscious Creative Thinking Mindset
Subconscious Decision Making
Subconscious Deep Sleep
Subconscious Depression Blaster

Subconscious Energy Force
Subconscious Extrovert
Subconscious Fear & Phobia Release
Subconscious Forgiveness
Subconscious Influence
Subconscious Insomnia Treatment
Subconscious IQ Boost!
Subconscious Law of Attraction
Subconscious Leadership Skills
Subconscious Learning Sponge
Subconscious Memory Builder
Subconscious Mind Power
Subconscious Money Magnet

Subconscious Motivation Builder
Subconscious Negotiator
Subconscious Pain Relief & Good Health
Subconscious Peak Performance
Subconscious Persuasion Skills
Subconscious Positive Attitude
Subconscious Positive Self Image
Subconscious Public Speaking
Subconscious Recharge Mind
Subconscious Relationship Rescue
Subconscious Sales Professional
Subconscious Self Belief
Subconscious Self Confidence Builder

Subconscious Self Esteem Builder
Subconscious Self Love
Subconscious Self Pity Release
Subconscious Self Sabotage Release
Subconscious Selling Power
Subconscious Social Phobia Release
Subconscious Spiritual Blessings
Subconscious Stop Procrastination
Subconscious Stop Smoking
Subconscious Stress Free Day
Subconscious Success Competitor
Subconscious Time Management
Subconscious Weight Loss

now it’s time to take action!

What you do next determines your success.

The difference between a thought and a decision is the immediate action you take. – Ed Mylett

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