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Imagine having a non-stop sales machine working for you 24/7 on complete autopilot, doing ALL of the selling, telling, and explaining… so YOU DON’T HAVE TO! This PROVEN system is a real game changer!

Think about it, which sounds better to you...

Simply sending your prospects to review your custom, personalized, professional website which explains EVERYTHING, closes the sales for you, and takes away any need for you to ever do ANY live sales presentations thanks to our proven system.

Doing a live sales presentation each and every time you speak with anyone about leads and / or our business opportunity and having to answer the same questions over and over again.

Proven System

These pages help you close MORE sales FAST!



This page explains the leads offer from a retail sale perspective. This is where you send people who are interested in leads to grow their business. This page leads in to the opportunity overview, but it does it properly without driving a potential prospect away who initially may not realize they are interested in offering leads as an income stream. This page includes 27 of the most commonly asked questions and answers, audio, video and much more! This is the page your retail domain name will be pointed to.


This page explains the opportunity to sell leads using our proven system. It covers everything from the packages to the site and automated follow up email campaign. This page has 1 hour and 15 minutes of audio, including an interview with one of our top success stories. It’s very powerful. The high converting presentation on this page makes it easy to close sales! This is the page your opportunity domain name will be pointed to.


This page will help you salvage prospects who otherwise would have been lost due to very common thoughts and ideas related to getting started with a business opportunity. The prospect arrives at this page by clicking the undecided button on the opportunity page. The purpose of this page is to turn the prospect around and persuade them to contact you to purchase a package! In short, it gets them off the fence. This strategy is highly effective and this page is the perfect compliment to the opportunity page.


This page acknowledges and thanks your prospect for opting in to your email list. It’s a nice professional touch that can help you make more sales. In addition, it also includes a review of our proven system components, as well as well as a package overview. Plus it contains 17 minutes of audio! Your prospect is automatically taken to this page when they click the verification link in their email after they enter their name and email into form on your site.


This page includes the income disclaimer, privacy policy and terms of service statements. While not meant to offer legal advice, this page does offer the basics as required by law. It should suffice and protect your interests.

Fast Start

This hidden page is for your eyes only. It’s a training page designed to get you up and running immediately! It includes multiple audio and video components that cover everything you need to know to enjoy amazing success! The two tips one of our top producers used to rake in $1,400 (in 15 minutes) his very first day, high converting scripts, package price point breakdowns and MUCH more!

This website was very carefully designed to help you enjoy amazing success selling lead packages, while exponentially MAXIMIZING your RESULTS, starting IMMEDIATELY!

But wait… there’s MORE!

Your website includes a fully automated follow up email campaign!

You also get a fully automated follow up email campaign that sends a very carefully written email at precise intervals over a two year period! That’s right.. you get two full years to convert prospects who (for whatever reason) didn’t purchase the day they opted in for more information. This strategy has proven to be extremely effective to salvage many sales that would otherwise have been lost forever. This campaign includes 42 email messages! Each email arrives complete with a compelling headline, image, high converting ad copy and a highly persuasive call to action to contact you to purchase!

Here’s how our proven system components work together…

Strong Sales Funnel

Our sales funnel has been meticulously assembled using time-tested, split-tested elements that produce real results.

High Conversion Website

Our high conversion website includes the latest in cutting edge design and mobile responsiveness.

Email Campaign

Our masterfully written email campaign engages the reader and works for you 24/7 like a non-stop selling machine!

Unlimited Cash Flow

Our system levels the playing field so you can rake in $10,000+ weekly and do it consistently!

Here’s what people are saying about this PROVEN system…

My professional website does all the telling and selling, saving me countless hours of repetitive explaining to each and every client. I now have clients that are well informed, so I can simply answer a couple of questions and get down to the business of providing the high quality leads they are seeking. The website is incredibly impressive, very well designed, with serious attention to detail and all the subtle triggers to increase sales 24/7. Britt has gone above and beyond for us, providing a phenomenal tool.Thanks Britt. This is exactly what I wanted for the professional projection of my business. I jumped on the opportunity to have you build this website for me and the site has exceeded my expectations. Much appreciated!
Tony Bean

30 Year Biomedical Engineering Technician

The website and system does everything for you. You need this in order to maximize your sales efficiency.
Mark Barbee

Retired UPS International Account Manager

Kudos on an over-the-top new lead website. Love your creativity.
Lee Rose

30 Year Direct Sales Professional

This leads website grabs your attention from beginning to end. What I love about it is that it answers all of the prospects questions and does the selling and closing for me. Great job!
Nate Storey

20 Year Direct Sales Veteran

On a 1 to 10 scale I give this website a 12! It’s worth every penny. You should have charged me more!
Bryant Georgen

Senior Account Manager

Britt the site looks amazing! It has everything I could have ever hoped for to help me sell leads! Your hard work certainly shows and the results speak for themselves. Thank you.
George Kumassah

But wait… there’s still MORE!

Your website also includes personalization and customization!

Research shows that customer engagement is INCREASED by 72% on sites that have personal video.

Included with your site is the option to have up to seven personal videos!

If you want to have additional videos above and beyond those included, that can be arranged as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I say in my videos?
Included on the Fast Start page are scripts for every place you can have an included video. You can simply follow those scripts or come up with something unique yourself to use. Our proven system empowers you for real success!
What kind of camera do I need?
Today’s cameras shoot very high quality HD video. This includes cell phones. On the Fast Start page you will find more details about which kind of camera to use and how to shoot great video.
Where should I shoot my videos?
This is an excellent question. On the Fast Start page you will discover many suggestions and ideas on this topic. You will also discover what attraction marketing is and how to use it in your video to help make it even more compelling!
Do I have to have personal video on my website?
The short answer is no. However, as mentioned above, customer engagement is increased by 72% when your website includes personal video. Ultimately it’s your choice. It is strongly recommended. We have had a few others who have come before you who were initially nervous and a bit apprehensive about shooting personal video. They did it anyway and today and very glad they did. Personal video really makes your website pop! Our proven system is proven for a reason. It works!
How is this site any different than a self replicated site?
Excellent question! A self replicated site is simply a copy of a master version of the same site sitting on a server somewhere. Everyone who gets a self replicated site gets the same identical site. It’s also very limited in terms of what can and can’t be edited or changed. Typically you are only allowed to change personal information such as your name and telephone number. Self replicated sites are penalized by all search engines for having duplicate content as well which makes them the last choice of every experienced marketer.

With our proven system you are NOT getting a self replicated copy of a master site. You are getting a real website that is actually installed on your hosting account. This allows each person to have a unique site that offers much more creative flexibility when it comes to customization and personalization. Your site can have the included custom video as well as optional additional custom audio, video, graphics etc.

Is this site mobile responsive?
Yes! This site was designed to look great on all devices. This is one of many reasons why our proven system really performs.
How does it work to set up the domain name and website hosting?
I will set it up for you. I will point your domains to the proper places and ensure everything is working correctly.

You will need web hosting and two domain names. I will show you where to go to get affordable hosting and domain names. I will also do keyword and phrase analysis to come up with two really good domain names for you to use. You will need one to point to the retail page and one to point to the business opportunity page.

How do the email messages work?
I will set the email campaign up for you. Each time anyone visits your site and enters their name and email into the opt in form, they will receive an email asking them to click the confirmation link confirming their desire to be added to your list. Immediately after clicking it they will be taken to your thanks page. Then they will automatically start receiving emails spread out over a two year period. This is one of the phenomenal elements of our proven system that works on total autopilot for you, to help you sell more leads!

You will need an autoresponder service. You will need the one that I use. It’s affordable. I will show you where to go and walk you through the very easy account set up. Then I will go into your account and set everything up as well as connect it to your website pages etc.

What is the interval of how often the email messages are sent?
The first message goes out immediately after confirmation of list subscription.

The next day a reminder email is sent.

Three days later another email is sent.

Four days later another email is sent.

Seven days later another email is sent.

Seven days later another email is sent.

Seven days later another email is sent.

Seven days later another email is sent.

Fourteen days later another email is sent.

Fourteen days later another email is sent.

Fourteen days later another email is sent.

Fourteen days later another email is sent.

Then, every 21 days another email is sent until two years has passed!

This interval has been split tested and proven to be highly effective. Not everyone is ready to get started the same day they see your offer. However, it doesn’t mean they aren’t still a good and serious prospect. This interval ensures you will always stay in their inbox gently reminding them of your offer and all that comes with it etc.

Are there any other things I will need for my website?
If you want to have the exit intent popup, you will need the only company that is legally allowed to use the exit intent technology. There is a patent on the technology. Exit popups are hands down the absolute most effective in terms of getting more people to subscribe to your list. I will show you where to go to get an account. They have multiple options to meet every budget. Once you have your account, I will set everything up for you. When you get this account, I also will set up the bottom bar opt in also.

Your videos can be self hosted on your hosting account. However, the playback won’t be as fluid and high quality as they will if you use the affordable service I recommend to host them. Once you have an account, I will set up all of your videos for you after you send them to me and put them on your website accordingly.

How do I send you my videos?
You will need to simply send them to me via Dropbox. On the Fast Start page there is a video of how to use Dropbox. Don’t worry, it’s simple.
How long does it take to have my website set up and LIVE?
Because this is not a self replicated website, it’s not as easy as just clicking a mouse. It actually requires a few hours to set everything up for you. Typically I can have your site up and LIVE within 24 to 48 hours from the time we get your accounts set up. Then it’s just a matter of updating each page with your personal videos once you have sent them to me. It is all of these marketing elements working together that make our proven system so effective!
What is included on the Fast Start training page?
The Fast Start training page was designed to enable you to get going immediately selling leads. It contains audio, video and much more. Outlined are the things you need to do (and how to easily do them) to start selling leads right away. Here are some highlights of the things included:

1.The two tips one of our top success stories did in just 15 minutes on his very first day to easily rake in $1,400.

2. How to use a powerful free piece of software to easily manage your lead lists.

3. Where to go online (for free) to get unlimited, highly targeted prospects who have real interest in growing their business fast.

4. Scripts for a variety of circumstances and how to best use them for real success.

5. How to setup and strategically use voicemail, including the best source provider.

6. How to use a free service to send large lead list files to your customers.

7. How to increase the conversion on your website by 72%!

8. How to record the best high quality video for your website.

9. How to use a specific strategy that can dramatically boost your response rate!

10. How you can increase productivity by 447% immediately!

11. Ten point review of the essentials needed to ensure real success.

12. A breakdown of each component of your website. How and why it works.

13. Frequently asked questions and answers.

14. How you can maximize your income immediately!

15. And MUCH more!

I get tremendous feedback from everyone who gets access to the team training site. Once you see our proven system and team training, you will become a huge fan!

How much is the website and automated follow up email campaign?
Feedback from those who have the site, suggests very strongly that I should charge much more for everything you get. It was a major undertaking to implement everything, test and tweak etc. I’ve kept the setup cost as low as possible while still keeping the design and implementation in consideration.

Keep in mind that this website is the result of over 127 hours of design and programming time. It was meticulously designed with very careful attention to detail, using very advanced tools. It is mobile responsive, which means it looks great on all devices. It includes the very latest in technology and enhanced performance. All of these things (including the well written persuasive ad copy of course) ensures you won’t have to ever do any LIVE presentations! This website does all of the selling, telling and explaining for you.

The email campaign contains 42 emails that were each very carefully written from scratch. Each email contains an attention compelling headline, an image and a call to action to persuade the prospect to contact you to purchase!

The price also includes the programming and setup of everything required to make your site work and function properly.

The bottom line here is that you need this website to help you make multiple sales in record time. Think of it this way, all you need is just one sale to very easily cover the cost of the site and the email campaign. This proven system will help you make sales, period.

The cost for the use of the website and the automated follow up email campaign (including all setup, included customization and personalization) is just a one time fee of $1,500.

How FAST do you want to grow your business?


With the website and email campaign…

  1. Non-stop sales machine working for you 24/7 on complete autopilot doing all of the selling, telling, and explaining so YOU don’t have to!
  2. Customized and personalized, mobile responsive website with the latest technology and high converting, persuasive sales content.
  3. Fully automated two year follow up email campaign, delivered at precisely the right sequence and interval.
  4. Have UNLIMITED prospects getting your sales presentation SIMULTANEOUSLY on your website.




Have questions? Ready to get your own custom, personalized website and two year automated email follow up campaign?  You can reach me direct by phone, or by using the contact form below. This system is AWESOME in action as you will soon see for yourself! Contact me right now so I can get everything set up for you ASAP! The sooner I get everything up and running for you, the sooner you can see the amazing results for yourself.

Britt Phillips

Without the website and email campaign…

  1. You will have to manually speak with each and every prospect about leads and available packages, prices etc.
  2. You will have to manually follow up with each and every prospect and answer their questions etc.
  3. You will have to do LIVE presentations one on one which means you won’t have the exponential growth factor.
  4. You run the risk of losing multiple sales unless you have a very good LIVE presentation and nail it EVERY time.

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